Ligo: 'Easy access to high-quality legal services for entrepreneurs'

Conversation about Growth with Wendy Bogers, founder of Ligo

What is Ligo's vision and approach when it comes to growth? Talked about this Wendy Bogers, founder of Ligo, with Rob Meijers from 4Future.

This conversation is part of the series 'Conversation about Growth', an initiative of 4Future where we talk to business service providers about growth: what is their vision, what are the challenges, how do they deal with this, and what are their priorities for the future?

About Ligo

“Ligo is an online platform where entrepreneurs can arrange everything that has to do with legal. So really from moment one that they start doing business, it concerns, for example, the establishment of a BV, until the entire further development of the company. We can help them with legal services, such as contracts and legal advice from lawyers. ”

Online services and network of lawyers

“The Ligo platform makes the connection between entrepreneur and lawyer. Because you can automate a lot, but there are also complex situations where you absolutely need that specialized lawyer for advice. That is why we think it is very important to be able to connect that specialist knowledge to the platform. ”

Turn a service into a product

“There are more platforms that bring supply and demand together, and they are doing a fantastic job. This is also necessary, but we also think it is important to do something about the way in which those services are provided. What we do is turn a service into a product, partly by using technology. We are completely transparent in what it will cost, how long it will take and what it will ultimately bring to the entrepreneurs. The software then does the work.

What also sets us apart is an 'all you can eat' legal membership for entrepreneurs. We have bundled all important legal services that an entrepreneur needs into an accessible membership. Not only can you make unlimited use of more than a hundred contracts in Dutch and English, but you also have access to unlimited telephone consultations of all affiliated lawyers. ”

Homepage Ligo
Homepage Ligo

Growing through the ceiling

“We want to make as much impact as possible on entrepreneurs to remove all 'legal hassle' from them. We believe that every entrepreneur is entitled to high-quality legal services, including SMEs with smaller budgets. To make that possible, we have automated work with our technology and organized processes more efficiently. This means that the price can automatically go down. And that is often a major barrier for many entrepreneurs to engage a lawyer. What you still see in the Dutch market is that many entrepreneurs still use little or no legal services, while the demand is high.
Our view of growth: that we can help as many SME entrepreneurs in the Netherlands as possible to arrange their legal affairs properly. Our ambition is to continue our rapid growth and capture market share as a LegalTech company. Then we will launch it across the border. ”

Rapid growth challenges

“We have grown very fast in the past six months. Your team and the processes then suddenly have to be able to handle much larger volumes. Of course you have to ensure that the quality, speed and service remain at the same level. Those are the challenges you will face if you grow very fast in a short time.
The team went four times in six months. Your customers should not be bothered by a shortage in your team. The aim to make every customer happy with our product has been the most important. It is simply hard work to be able to handle that growth. ”

Lawyers in the minority  

“I come from the legal profession myself. If you look at our team now, I have been the only lawyer for a long time. Our team mainly consists of developers, because we develop the software ourselves. In addition, the team consists of customer support people, but also marketers and growth hackers who focus on the data.

That is a big difference with the team composition of a traditional law firm, where mainly lawyers or lawyers are located. ”

Priorities for next year  

“We will expand the team further next year. Every team within Ligo needs new people. I am very much looking forward to strengthening the development team for product development. We are very close to the customer: the customer tells us what we need to improve or add to the product. There are still many possibilities to do it even better. ”

Marketing crucial for growth  

“Where you want to go is the situation where the product sells itself; that your product is so nice and that you have such a wow factor with your customers that they will also talk about it. Sales are less important to us, but marketing is very important for our growth. That is why we also have a marketing team that works a lot with data. ”

Wendy Bogers

Ligo in 5 years  

“In five years' time, I see Ligo as a platform where every entrepreneur plugs in when he starts a company and that we grow with him for all the legal issues he comes across. Whether he is looking for information that he can find with us in legal guides or articles, needs a contract, has a small question that he wants to have answered within 30 seconds via our chat, or because he is looking for a lawyer; we really want to be the platform that every entrepreneur thinks of as soon as a legal issue arises or a legal question arises. ”

End of hourly invoice  

“What I would like to see in the legal profession is that it is moving away from the hourly invoice model. You can already see that quite a few lawyers work with fixed prices, but where they are still calculating with their hourly rate. This is good for transparency, but it would be nice if they also organize their work more efficiently to help more entrepreneurs at more friendly prices.

The hourly invoice model is not sustainable. Yes, it can sometimes be difficult to estimate how much time something will take, but there are many professionals involved and they also give a cost in advance. In my opinion, you are short of your own office by not being transparent and clear about the costs beforehand. It creates a barrier to approaching a lawyer and seeking advice, which will cost your clients. If you are good at what you do, you should be able to make a good estimate of how much work is involved in an assignment. ”

Future of the legal profession  

“What will always remain in great demand within the legal profession is advice in complex situations. You can't do that with technology, I don't really believe in that. What you can do with technology is, among other things, automating standard activities, organizing processes more efficiently, transferring legal know-how and facilitating the connection between lawyer and entrepreneur.

I expect that offices that are purely involved in, for example, drawing up contracts can get tough due to the LegalTech platforms. However, lawyers who mainly advise on complex situations will not notice this very much. ”

About 'Conversation about Growth'

Even now that business services are doing well, growth is still high on the agenda. It is becoming increasingly difficult to attract (and retain) good people. Or the growth is not going fast enough, or insufficient in the desired (future-proof) areas. In addition, professionals often lack the commercial skills and drive to make the most of growth opportunities. In addition, the sector is faced with many new developments in areas such as technology and revenue models, shortages on the labor market and changing wishes of 'millennials'.

'Conversation about Growth' is an initiative of 4Future in which we talk to directors of accountancy firms, consultancy firms and law firms about growth: what is their vision, what are the challenges, how do they deal with this, and what are their priorities for the future?