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What is your biggest challenge?

With our current approach we won't achieve our growth ambitions

Attracting talented professionals is becoming increasingly challenging

I would like our professionals to be commercially more effective

Our marketing and business development actions are not delivering strong results

"We need a top performer in marketing and communication"

How does working with 4Future benefit you?

More growth

Professionalisering van marketing en business development

Step by step, 4Future improves the effectiveness of your marketing and business development approach, together with your own people.

No worries

Onzorging van marketing en business development door 4Future

And you know that the commercial approach is in good hands, so you and your professionals can focus on what you are good at.

Clients about 4Future ...

Adviesbureau Morgens

“Since we started working with Rob, the number of Morgens website visitors and followers has risen sharply, and our content is gaining an increasing reach. And an increasing part of our target group knows who Morgens is, what we have to offer and why we do a good job. ”

Frank van Berkel

Partner at consultancy firm Morgens
logo Pels Rijcken

“I found it very useful, fascinating and wonderfully prepared. I have also had only very positive feedback from the team. I am therefore looking forward to continuing our collaboration with Rob.”

Aernout de Mooij

Head of Knowledge & Commercial Services at Pels Rijcken lawyers and civil-law notaries
logo Universiteit van Amsterdam

"Rob developed an integrated approach for our marketing and recruitment efforts ... Successfully: the number of leads and new students have increased significantly."

Frank Verbeeten

Professor of Accounting at the University of Amsterdam
logo Taxture

“Rob helped us answer questions like 'why Taxture?' clearly and distinctively. He then swiftly translated this into a greatly improved website and the effective use of LinkedIn. ”

Harry Kleine

Partner at Taxture Global Tax, Legal & Audit Services
logo Van Diepen Van der Kroef

“We wanted to strengthen our position in an area where we see growth opportunities and have a lot of expertise. 4Future helped us develop a concrete action plan, which makes it crystal clear what needs to be done, by whom, and when.”

Evert Baart

Lawyer and partner at Van Diepen Van der Kroef

Vision on growth

“Structural growth in the legal, consultancy and accountancy industry depends on eight drivers (see figure). Tricks therefore do not work.

What does work is an integrated, professional approach in which fee earners, leadership, marketing, business development, HR and IT reinforce each other.”

Rob Meijers, founder and owner of 4Future

De 8 groei-drivers voor accountants consultants en advocaten
The 8 growth drivers for accountants, consultants and lawyers

Why work with 4Future

Integrated approach

Integrale aanpak 4Future

In business services, collaboration between 'fee earners', board / management and staff is crucial, as is cohesion between marketing, BD, HR and IT. Thanks to our integrated approach, we achieve more and improvements are permanent.


Personal branding consultants advocaten accountants (4Future)

All activities take place by - or under the supervision of - Rob Meijers, a highly experienced expert in marketing and BD at business service providers. He has a network of high-quality specialists that he can call on.

Think and act

Denken en doen - 4Future

It is usually quickly clear to lawyers, consultants and accountants what needs to be done. The real challenge comes next. That is why we do not limit ourselves to advice, but we do it. Together with our customers.

Service offerings

Marketing and business development professionalization and unburdening


Tailor-made advice on your commercial approach to achieve long term, profitable growth.


Have your firm's commercial approach looked after and continuously improved, jointly with your people.


More results with an expert in marketing, communication and business development.


Projects for which your firm lacks the required expertise or capacity, are realized quickly and efficiently.

Training & coaching

More commercially effective consultants, lawyers, accountants or advisers.

Get in touch

Do you have questions? Or are you curious how you can grow your organization or your people more effectively?

Please contact Rob Meijers by sending an email to or call +31-6 3760 1217.

Rob Meijers, Senior Marketing & Business Development Professional 4Future