Training 'Effective writing and blogging'

Blogging and writing is a good way to confirm your reputation as an expert and to gain new customers. But that only works if the content is valuable and you also write customer-oriented. And that is not as easy as it sounds. How do you handle that?

In this training your professionals learn how to profile yourself as an expert and customer-oriented writer. In addition, they learn how to improve your findability on Google and how to achieve tangible results.

Unlike many regular training courses, the blogs and articles that your people write during this training are also used directly for their profiling and that of your organization. The time invested therefore immediately leads to valuable output.

Effective writing and bogging

For whom?

This training has been specifically developed for professionals working in the legal, accounting or consultancy fields.

The training is especially interesting if you think your people could profile themselves by blogging or writing, but ...

  • Doesn't it take them too much to write?
  • They do not (yet) have a plan or blog / publication calendar
  • They don't know how and what to blog about
  • Does it not stop with a one-time promotion?
  • Does it really produce results?

What does it yield?

Specifically, this training provides you:

  • Overview and knowledge of the essential elements of a blog
  • More targeted writing based on your expertise for your target group
  • Expressing professional knowledge in an appealing way
  • Better and faster blogging
  • Make your blogs easier to find for search engines
  • More response from and actual contact with your target group
  • Publication of your own blog (s)


The following topics are covered in the training:

  • The basics of writing for a 'lay audience'
  • How do you determine your target group, subject and core message
  • Short, concise and lively writing
  • How do you write for the internet?
  • Your blog as part of your / your marketing plan
  • What scores in Google? How do you choose and use keywords?
  • How do you ensure that your blog leads to contact and assignments?
  • Practical writing tips and avoiding pitfalls


This training consists of the following parts:

  • An assessment of your current knowledge, approach and learning objectives
  • Two sessions of 2.5 to 3 hours with theory, tools and tips, practice and interaction
  • Practical assignment between the two meetings
  • Personal feedback during the meetings about the practical assignment

The time required is approximately 6 hours per participant (excluding writing). We prefer to work with 4 to 8 participants per session, so that there is enough space for individual attention.