Training 'Let social media work for you'

Social media is an indispensable part of the world of lawyers, consultants and accountants. Especially the value of LinkedIn is enormous:

  • In the first place, social media offers excellent opportunities to profile yourself, as part of your 'personal branding'.
  • Social media are ideal for developing and maintaining relationships in a targeted and efficient manner. This in turn forms a basis for leads and acquisition.
  • And social media is a perfect source of 'intelligence': knowing what is going on with customers and relations.

In short, make social media work for you and your people!

Social media

For whom?

This training is specifically developed for professionals who:

  • working in the legal profession, accountancy or consultancy
  • have contact with customers or prospects (online and / or offline)
  • as a professional, want to make use of the possibilities offered by social media
  • or are already active as a professional on social media and want to become better and more effective at this

What does it yield?

In this training accountants, consultants and lawyers learn how to:

  • Use social media to profile themselves, in line with who they are or want to be (personal branding)
  • Keep up to date with social media on what is on the agenda of your customers and relations
  • Building new relationships and converting an online relationship into offline, personal contact
  • Improve their personal profile on social media


The following topics are covered in the training:

  • How to write and post effective posts on social media
  • Online interaction and relationship development
  • The balance between business and personal content
  • Follow people and organizations online
  • How to get more followers
  • Practical tips for using LinkedIn
  • Personal accounts and company pages
  • The use of images and video


This training consists of the following parts:

  • An assessment of your current knowledge, approach and learning objectives
  • Two meetings of 2 to 3 hours with theory, tools and tips, practice and interaction
  • Practical assignment between the two meetings
  • Personal feedback during the meetings about the practical assignment

The time requirement is approximately 8 hours per participant. We prefer to work with 4 to 8 participants per session, so that there is enough space for individual attention.