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For more commercially effective professionals

Consultants, lawyers and accountants are often expected to win clients, build their personal profile and create a network. But most are not born salespeople. In fact, professionals often hate selling and networking. And they are always busy with their profession and their clients.

Professional expertise is expected of them, however, just like a pilot is expected to be able to fly an aircraft from A to B safely. Commercial, relationship and communication skills often make the difference.

Fortunately, these qualities can be learned! 4Future has developed a training and coaching program that is fully tailored to the world of advisers, lawyers and accountants.

commercial training and coaching for consultants, lawyers and accountants

4Future in-company training

About our training courses

4Future offers practical in-company training courses that support your professionals in their personal development and give them concrete tools to help them in their daily practice. The training courses are provided by Rob Meijers. He always tailors the content to the specific situation and goals of the participants.

After a training (meeting or online), the agenda of professionals is often again dominated by customer work, causing many to revert to their old behavior.That is why we work with 2 sessions per training, during which participants apply what they have learned in practice. Furthermore, 4Future always combines group training with individual contact. There is ample opportunity to discuss your own actions, experiences and challenges.

Why 4Future?

  • Extensive knowledge of your market and the challenges of your people due to the focus on accountancy, consultancy and legal profession;
  • Multiple individual contact moments, focused on the participant's practical situation, making the learned insights of the fee earner's daily activities;
  • Extensive experience in training and coaching fee earners at business service providers;
  • Your people do not learn tricks but an effective approach that suits them and works, both in the short and long term.

4Future coaching program

The services of 4Future usually focus on organizations in consultancy, legal or accountancy. The commercial success of such organizations depends on individual professionals. That is why we always include them in the advice and approach, and also provide training for employees.

A lot of individual consultants, lawyers and accountants realize that their commercial approach is important for their further development and are in need of help. That is why 4Future now also offers coaching programs for individual professionals, starting with personal branding. Other programs follow.

coaching 4Future


Would you like to explore opportunities for commercial training programs for your people? Please contact Rob Meijers (e-mail:, telephone +31 637 601 217).

Rob Meijers, Senior Marketing & Business Development Professional 4Future