With a subscription Rob Meijers, an experienced, senior marketing and business development specialist, ensures that your organization grows structurally, and that all commercial actions are carried out adequately and on time, working closely with you and your people. If desired, he can also engage other specialists from the 4Future network.

Based on how much needs to be done, we agree on the number of hours per week. This is not limited to fixed weekdays, to ensure maximum flexibility. For a fixed amount per month, so no surprises. Every two weeks, we discuss what has been achieved, new developments, and what needs to be done in the coming period. In the meantime, there is frequent contact with you and your people, and ad hoc consultation where desired.

So your organization is growing faster, you are unburdened and your people can focus on what they are good at.

4Future marketing subscription

Why a subscription?

A more effective approach to marketing and business development leads to more growth. Consultants, accountants and lawyers usually have to build awareness, trust and relationships over a longer period of time, since many touch points are needed before an organization is ready to become a customer. Structural growth therefore requires a long-term approach in which fee earners, staff and leadership work closely together.

Professional services providers are complex organizations, so a junior employee often lacks the expertise, experience and authority to achieve results. For many organizations, however, appointing a top notch marketing/BD expert is not feasible or smart because he/she is actually too expensive for many tasks.

Then a subscription is ideal: you use a senior professional for the number of hours per week you need, so that you can benefit from affordable top quality. Your commercial approach is improved step by step, without surprises and with the flexibility to always respond to what is most needed at that time.

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Sales funnel: connecting marketing and sales


Would you like to exchange ideas about your situation or are you curious about what 4Future can do for you? Please contact Rob Meijers (e-mail:, telephone +31 637 601 217).

Rob Meijers, Senior Marketing & Business Development Professional 4Future