More results from marketing and business development

We often hear from consultants, lawyers and accountants that they would like to see more results from marketing and business development campaigns. For example, they say:

  • Our organization has recently launched new marketing campaigns, but the results are disappointing;
  • Marketing is fun, but our real problem is that we don't have enough people. Can't marketing do that?
  • We talk a lot about business development, but actually everyone does something. We don't really have a strategy;
  • I hear a lot about new marketing techniques and competitors are not sitting still. I think our approach can and should improve;
  • Our professionals all operate commercially in their own way, outwardly we are not really one team;
  • We have many good intentions, but the implementation does not get off the ground because everyone is busy and the customer comes first.
Inbound marketing

Determine improvements

To determine how to increase the effectiveness of marketing and business development, we first look at the current approach: what actions have been taken in the past period, what was the result and why?

It is important to also look at the rest of the organization and the environment. We therefore also determine opportunities for improvement from the growth drivers for accountants, consultants and lawyers.

Examples of marketing and business development tools
Examples of marketing and business development tools

The result

After several conversations with representatives of the customer and desk research, a workshop follows. We report on our findings and determine priorities and actions together.

It goes without saying that 4Future can support the implementation of improvement actions. For example if counselor, if interim manager base or base one subscription. We can also do one or more specific projects picking up.

Connecting marketing and sales
Connecting marketing and sales


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