Do you want to implement an important commercial project or program, but your organization does not have anyone with the required expertise and experience? Or is the person who could do this successfully, now too busy with other things?

Please contact Rob Meijers, founder and owner of 4Future. He is a senior marketing and business development specialist who is also available to manage and execute projects and programs.

Rob has extensive experience with marketing and business development at professional services providers. Look for references onĀ LinkedIn. If desired, Rob can also engage high-quality specialists from his network for specific expertise or extra capacity.

Marketing and BD projects 4Future

What kind of projects?

4Future can manage and execute a wide variety of commercial projects. To give you an idea, here are some examples:

Positioning & branding

  • Strengthen the brand
  • Develop propositions
  • ...

Content marketing

  • Improve current approach
  • Blogging training for fee earners
  • ...

Business development

  • Enter account management
  • Professionalize relationship management
  • ...

Personal branding

  • Training partners and employees
  • Develop figureheads
  • ...

LinkedIn & social selling

  • Optimizing social media
  • Training partners and employees
  • ...

Screening and optimizing

  • Commercial approach
  • Marketing and BD team
  • ...


Would you like to explore opportunities to get help with commercial projects or programs in your organization? Please contact Rob Meijers (e-mail:, telephone +31 637 601 217).

Rob Meijers, Senior Marketing & Business Development Professional 4Future