Do you want to implement an important commercial project or program, but don't have anyone available to take it on? Do you dare to leave this project to a senior marketing or business development professional who has the right experience, expertise and mentality? Which can!

What is it?

An experienced professional implements a marketing or business development project or program for your organization, in close collaboration with those who are responsible or have a role in the implementation within your organization.

Marketing and BD projects 4Future


Developments are moving at lightning speed: stagnation is deterioration. Organizations sometimes do not have sufficient marketing and business development expertise and / or capacity to adequately handle an important project.

Another reason to have certain projects implemented by an external party is that he or she is not a party and is therefore less affected by 'historical legacies' and internal politics. Furthermore, strange eyes' often work better if there are internal resistances.

Then it is ideal to have such a project or program implemented by an experienced topper who ensures that actions are carried out and objectives are realized, while the own people can keep their focus on other activities that must also continue unabated.

For whom?

Project implementation is intended for organizations that want to implement an important project or program to make commercial progress.

4Future can implement such projects and programs for many types of organizations. We are most effective in organizations in the sectors in which our people have the most experience: accountancy firms, consultancy firms and law firms.

How does it work?

The customer indicates which project or program should be implemented and for what purpose.

If there is already a project plan, we jointly discuss issues such as objectives, approach, staffing, milestones, critical success factors, timing and costs.

It is important how and with whom within the customer organization 4Future will work. These are directors, board members or managers who are responsible for the project, people who get a role in the implementation and those for whom things will change as a result of this project.

If there is not yet a detailed project plan plan, 4Future will first make a proposal.

During implementation, progress and results are regularly monitored and discussed with the customer.

What kind of projects or programs?

For example, think of:

  • Set up or professionalize account management
  • Screen and optimize current commercial activities
  • Strengthen employees' commercial knowledge and skills
  • Introduce or improve content marketing approach
  • Guiding partners and employees in personal branding
  • Customer portfolio and sales funnel screening and improvement
  • Strengthen the approach to relationship development (CRM) and networks
  • Implement integrated marketing and sales planning
  • Improve brand development and reputation management
  • Investigate and optimize the marketing and sales / BD department
  • Analyze marketing and sales budgets and optimize ROI
  • Thought leadership develop or improve approach
  • Commitment and effectiveness social media screening and optimization
  • Develop or tighten propositions

What does it yield?

  • Professional and effective implementation of your commercial project or program;
  • Continuity in the activities of your own managers and employees;
  • Anchoring the project through intensive cooperation with your people;
  • Sustainable commercial results.

Knowing more?

Do you want to have an experienced, commercial topper who can successfully implement an important project or program for you, while your own people can focus on other activities?

Please contact us to discuss how we can help you implement your project or program quickly, effectively and professionally.