4Future supports professional services providers throughout the entire commercial process, from positioning and selecting target organizations to winning new clients and assignments. The starting point is always an integrated approach to the 8 growth drivers for law, accounting and consulting firms.

A successful approach to this commercial process requires knowledge of various specialisms. Through our network of professionals, 4Future has expertise in almost all specialisms in the field of marketing and sales. To give a more concrete idea of our client engagements, below you find an overview of key areas in which we advance clients.

Sales funnel - targets leads prospects clients

Positioning & branding


Many lawyers, accountants and consultants offer services that our similar to competitors. and use empty claims such as 'the best people' and 'we put the client first'.

4Future helps you to determine and claim a distinctive position. As a result, your organization attracts new customers, becomes less dependent on personal relationships and experiences less price competition.

Content marketing

Inbound marketing

Due to digitization, potential customers have largely determined their preference for a service provider already, before they are open to personal contact: they want to determine themselves when to get in touch, with whom and about what.

4Future helps you build awareness, appreciation and trust with prospects by sharing relevant, valuable content regularly, so that you are first on their shortlist.

Business development

help from marketing BD or HR professionals

How does your organization generate leads? And how are these monitored? Which organizations do you target? Who already knows people here? Who develops or strengthens relationships? What about quotations and pitches? And the development of existing clients?

4Future helps you to achieve an effective approach to business development, from lead generation to client development.

Personal branding

Personal branding consultants lawyers accountants (4Future)

Not the marketing and business development department, but individual consultants, accountants and lawyers have the biggest impact on the commercial success of professional services providers.

4Future helps professionals to build a strong personal brand that matches the priorities of the organization, in order to structurally strengthen their contribution to the commercial success.

LinkedIn & social selling

Use of social media

The value of LinkedIn for lawyers, accountants and consultants is enormous. For building personal brands, for creating and developing relationships, and for generating leads. But having a profile and occasionally liking a post isn't sufficient.

4Future helps to use LinkedIn effectively, both as an organization and by your professionals.

Do you want to learn more?

Would you like to exchange ideas about your situation or are you curious about what 4Future can do for you? Please contact Rob Meijers (e-mail: rob.meijers@4future.com), telephone +31 637 601 217).

Rob Meijers, Senior Marketing & Business Development Professional 4Future