Interim marketing and business development manager

Do you temporarily need an experienced marketing and business development manager or director with experience in your sector who can start right away? That is possible with an interim manager of 4Future!

Your organization temporarily has a senior marketing and business development specialist who works closely with both management / board and involved fee earners. Of course, that also applies to your marketing, communication or business development employee or team (if applicable).

This interim role is normally fulfilled by 4Future by Rob Meijers, who has extensive experience in marketing and business development with business service providers. If desired, he can, in consultation, call in high-quality specialists from his network for specific expertise or extra capacity.

4Future interim marketing and business development for consultants and lawyers


Changing customer expectations are placing increasing demands on the marketing function. Marketing is also becoming increasingly intertwined with other functions, such as HR and IT. Furthermore, competitors have long since picked up the obvious marketing campaigns, so you will not gain a competitive advantage.

That is why it is important that the commercial perspective, directed across departments, is improved and improved by a topper in marketing and business development.

For whom?

For organizations that temporarily need an experienced commercial manager or director. Or who want to professionalise their commercial function, but for whom it is not desirable or feasible to appoint an experienced marketing manager or director.

An additional advantage of the flexible deployment is that it can be adjusted to the speed with which the organization can implement changes.

What does it yield?

  • Better connection between marketing and business development on the one hand and business objectives on the other;
  • Better cooperation between marketing and business development with the board / management, the fee earners, and other staff functions, such as HR and IT;
  • Effective implementation and anchoring of commercial actions and improvements;
  • And above all: more growth!

Knowing more?

Would you like to temporarily have top-level commercial expertise?

Get in touch to discuss how we can help you professionalize and transform your commercial approach for increased growth.