Help from a marketing and business development expert

There can be various reasons for hiring an experienced marketing and business development specialist. For instance:

  • Your organization has no marketing or business development professionals and you do not (yet) want to hire your own people;
  • A lot has to be done in the near future, which means that extra capacity is temporarily required;
  • You want to make a professional move commercially for which you want to use specific expertise or experience.

Then 4Future is the right place for you! Our activities are carried out - or managed - by Rob Meijers, a highly experienced marketing and business development expert, specialized in the consultancy, accountancy and legal sectors. He works closely with your people and, if desired, can also hire specialists from his network.

help from marketing BD or HR professionals

How we help you

Our services essentially provide customers with two things:

  • More growth: 4Future improves the effectiveness of your marketing and business development approach step by step, together with your own people.
  • No worries: And you know that the commercial approach is in good hands, so you and your professionals can focus on what you are good at.

You can choose from the following services:

Unburdening of marketing and business development by 4Future


Tailor-made advice on your commercial approach to achieve structural, profitable growth.


Unburdening and improving your commercial approach, together with your people, for a fixed monthly amount.


More results with an expert in marketing and business development with a lot of sector experience.


Projects that were left over because the required expertise or capacity was lacking are being realized quickly and efficiently.


More commercially effective consultants, lawyers, accountants or advisors ensure more growth.