Structurally more growth

Most lawyers, consultants and accountants have achieved growth in the past year. At the same time, it is certainly not recommended to sit back satisfied! Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is the current growth sufficient to achieve your long-term growth ambitions, even if the economy declines?
  • Is it difficult to attract new people?
  • Are your people commercially effective?
  • Is your brand known and distinctive, so that you can easily attract the most beautiful assignments and the best professionals?
  • Are the rates under pressure?
  • Are marketing and business development actions delivering enough results?
  • Do you have (sufficient) high-quality marketing expertise?
Improve commercial results

Growth drivers for accountants, consultants and lawyers

If growth is lagging, it is tempting to find the solution in a sales promotion, event or a new website. However, such isolated initiatives do not lead to structural improvement.

The eight growth drivers shown in the figure determine the commercial success of accountants, consultancy firms and law firms in the short and long term. Cooperation between government, practice and staff is crucial, as is coherence between all instruments and actions.

Read about our vision in the white paper 'The 8 growth drivers for accountants, consultants and lawyers.'.

The 8 growth drivers for accountants, consultants and lawyers
The 8 growth drivers for accountants, consultants and lawyers


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