Attracting talented professionals

Attracting good accountants, lawyers or consultants is becoming increasingly difficult. As a result, many organizations find that growth is limited by a shortage of good people. Competition for talented professionals is fierce and will only increase in the coming years.

Directors and management ask themselves: how do we attract good professionals? And no less important: how do we keep them?

For example, employment conditions play a role where professionals want to work, but other factors are becoming increasingly determining. For example, the atmosphere that a candidate expects to find, what the organization stands for and whether it is a brand to be proud of. The rapidly increasing share of millennials among potential candidates makes such factors even more important.

Professionals meet

Employer branding and employee advocacy

For example, with labor market communication ('employer branding') and stimulating and facilitating your people to be active as ambassadors on social media ('employee advocacy'), your organization will become more visible and you can build up a preferred position with professionals. This makes it much easier to attract good people. At the same time, of course, you must ensure that people do indeed enjoy working for your organization!

How we help

4Future helps attract good accountants, lawyers and consultants by ensuring they get to know and value your organization. For example, by - after determining the 'Employee Value Proposition' (why should they choose your organization?) - get started with labor market communication, internal communication, an ambassador program linked to social media and a well thought-out introduction program and alumni program. Obviously in close cooperation with the board / management and HR.

Attract and retain good professionals
Attracting and retaining good professionals


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